Seamaster S2 Amphibious vehicles are a series of multi-role vehicles utilizing a strong base vehicle coupled with interchangeable specialist modules enabling them to perform in a wide range of applications:

  • Passenger Carrying
  • Cargo & Vehicle Transportation
  • Fire Fighting
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Field Hospital
  • Rescue & Evacuation

Reliability, self-sufficiency and adaptability have been retained by using a simple and robust design allowing the vehicles to be maintained easily with readily available spares.

With a length of 10.0m, beam of 3.6m and capacity for over 40 passengers or 6,000 kg of cargo the Seamaster is truly a capable machine.

The original Seamaster is in service ferrying up to 46 passengers to& from a small island off the Cornish coast in England. The owners here required the Seamaster to be a lifeline to the main land even when their fleet of smaller passenger boats were unable to put to sea. The final specification included twin engines, two hydraulic lift stairways and a disabled person's lift that doubles as a cargo loading platform.

amphibious vehicle
amphibious vehicles
amphibious vehicles amphibious vehicle amphibious vehicles


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