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SMI is a unique and highly motivated company that combines the expertise of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering resulting in innovative designs of amphibious craft, specialist vessels, systems and equipment from consultancy, concept & detailed design as well as full ‘turn-key’ supply.  The company has been involved in Power Generation and networking in the Pacific Rim and dealing with various Power Facilities within the United States, helping and advising on the De-Regulation of the Power Industry. 

The Company’s Founder, Mr. Graham Davis has had considerable experience of amphibious vehicles, landing craft and logistic Ships. The Company’s Project & Design Director, Mr. Charles Broughton is an experienced naval architect having worked in small and large companies designing and building recreational, commercial and military vessels in many countries.  His amphibious expertise has been developed in the many differing consultancy, design and build projects undertaken by SMI as well as in the support of current and future military amphibious vessels. Recently he was responsible for the formation of Westport Marine, designing and building its own range of high speed sport fishing boats and recreational coastal rowing boats exported all around the world.

We have undertaken contract negotiations with various Government Departments and national power administrations such as National Power, The Philippines.  Government bodies in the Pacific Rim such as Guam, Saipan, Tinian, Micronesia, China.  Federal regulators in the United States including the City of New York.  We have also negotiated with State Senators and Legislatives, various Ministers in the foregoing countries and states.

We have given lectures, at the request of the Maritime Coastguard Agency, on amphibious vehicles as well as addressing the Marine Safety Agency in Washington DC, and the Divisional Commander for the US Coastguard at Staten Island, New York USA. Amphibious Trials and Training Unit, Royal Marines; Joint Air Transportation Evaluation Unit J2 Brise Norton.

We have had considerable international commercial experience in small and medium sized Power Stations and facilities both with prime mover turbine and steam from 10 MW to 125 MW in various theatres throughout the world.  We have advised a number of companies on Safety Operation; Maintenance and Manning of amphibious vehicles, we have prepared a considerable number of Maritime Safety Plan Manuals and Risk Assessments with regard to amphibious operations and regarded by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency in the United Kingdom as being leading experts on the design and operation of Amphibious Craft.


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